165/70R13 COOPER CS2 79T Tyres

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165/70R13 COOPER CS2 79T
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COOPER tyre Cooper 165/70R13 COOPER CS2 79T   16570 R13T CS2   £25.18  
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About Tread cs2

Rolling Resistance: Better fuel economy than its equivalent predecessor due to an average 7% lower rolling resistance. Tread Wear: Longer tyre life due to a new tread compound, a new tread design and structural enhancements (resulting in a 10% improvement over its predecessor). Tread pattern: Asymmetric tread design with computer-designed pitch sequence for a quieter ride. Broad solid outer shoulder for enhanced handling performance. Environmentally friendly: Using zero polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) conforming to EU directive 2005/69. Legislation: Conforms to all the applicable EU legislation for noise and wet grip. T-Speed Rated: In popular European sizes to fit a range of small family cars.


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